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The school offers a broad, formal curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum. This curriculum provides students with an opportunity to access a range of subjects in the key learning areas including English, Mathematics, HASS, Science, Technology, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Italian. Integral to all these learning areas is the use of ICTs and classroom teachers are encouraged to co-operatively plan and work with the school based Teacher Librarian.


The school has a strong commitment to the improvement of student teaching and learning through Explicit Instruction.  One of the key elements of Explicit Instruction is the emphasis on Consolidation (Warm Ups) and Checking for Understanding (CFU). 


FNQ Explicit Teaching Guidelines (PDF, 713 KB).

FNQ Consolidation Guidelines (PDF, 1160 KB).​


Regular and repetitive drill and practice commits knowledge and skills to student long term memory. Specific drill and practice strategies to embed learning into the long term memory should be a feature of all teaching episodes.


This can be achieved in the Consolidation phase by (but not exclusive to):


-  Rote learning


-  Interactive whiteboards/flashcards


-  Chanting


-  Games


-  Rhymes and jingles


-  Mnemonics


-  Computer games such as Mathletics


Along with a str
ong commitment to student improvement in learning, we are committed to meeting the needs of all students, with modified programs utilised by teachers where the need arises. We believe it is essential to teach children to their learning level.