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Our staff for 2018

2018 School Directory
Principal:  Tania Kaitara
Administration Officers:                     Lisa Garner    Julie Garrone
Deputy Principal Canecutter Cluster SEP :    Cathy Amos
SEP Administration Officer:                Claudia Oldano
Head of Curriculum:                            Marie Janse
Community Participation Officer:          Colleen Carroll
Teaching Staff     :                            Jason Bawden
                                                         Liana Windeknecht
                                                         Jessica Noffke
                                                         Charmaine Goodwin
                                                         Katrina Carpenter
                                                         Heather Maskell
                                                         Teresa Garnett
Library                                               Jenny De Prima  Colleen Carroll
PE  / The Arts                                    Amanda Kennealey
Music                                                 Kerry Linton
Italian                                                 Marianne Lazzarini
SWDTs                           Gerrie Christianson     Vicky Day    
G.O.                                Rebecca
Teacher Aides                 Tracey Torrens                  Kristy Blanckensee
                                        Colleen Carroll                   Deliah Clarke
                                        Sharon Guarrera               Jenny De Prima
                                        Veronica Smith                 Rachael Ryan
                                        Carmel Smart                   
                                        Shirley Masina
Chaplain                    Jacqui Rigano                                                                                    
Auxiliary                    Susan Louis                      Sally Rogers
                                 Barry Steele    (Part Time Groundsman)